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Infographic: The Golden Age of Mobile

Infographic: The Golden Age of Mobile

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The Golden Age of Mobile



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The Old Way Vs. The New Way Is common core ruining your child’s life? Infographic

 The Old Way Vs. The New Way

Is common core ruining your child’s life?

 Common Core


The Old Way Vs. The New Way

Is common core ruining your child’s life?
Welcome to the age of hyper-parenting and pressurized schools. What can we do to return the child to childhood?

The New Way: Parenting as product development
Micromanagement impedes a child’s ability to learn on their own.
Hyper-parenting involves wanting to give our children “perfect” childhoods.
The goal is to be the best. But we’re sacrificing depth for breadth.

We want perfect teeth, perfect vacations, a perfect home, and perfect kids.

Lack of Confidence:
Less Children +
At an older age
= Less Chances to Parent

Entire industries thrive on parents fears…
(helmets for toddlers; guides on how to make your child a genius)

Globalization means you have to be top notch to get ahead.
Other parent: “What do you mean your child doesn’t have a tutor?!”

Slow parenting doesn’t have to mean slower development, it’s just proceeding at a natural pace.
Leave behind your wi-fi, to-do’s, and routine.
Car camping or renting a back-country hut

Take unstructured time:
Where kids have to be creative to find something to do.

Children need time to :

Play is the most natural way to learn…
And promotes self awareness.

Learn the Difference Between “Eustress” and Distress

Eustress = natural level of stress to feel as we confront life.
Ex. loving soccer and feeling pressure during a game.
Distress = stress to the point that a child feels overwhelmed.
Ex. Being physically stressed during a soccer game because of the four events you did before hand.

But even when you take steps to de-stress your kid’s life at home, common core threatens to destroy your kid’s childhood at school.

Old Way vs. New Way:

Kindergarten lesson on Frog and Toad Together:

Old Student Task:
Retell the story’s events (beginning, middle, and end)
Identify characters and setting

Common Core Task:
Compare and contrast Frog and Toad’s adventures and experiences.
Collaborate with classmates to determine comparisons.

2nd and 3rd grade lesson on Charlotte’s Web:

Old Student Task:
Who is telling the story?
How does Charlotte feel at the end?
How do you know?

Common Core Task:
What is your point of view about Wilbur?
How is it different from Fern’s point of view about Wilbur?
How is it different from the narrator’s point of view?

2nd and 3rd grade lesson on Apollo 11 (spaceship):

Old Student Task:
What is the spacecraft called?
What are the names of the three astronauts?

Common Core Task:
What is the author trying to convey when he says,”these men are dressed for colder, stranger places. They walk with stiff awkward steps…?”
What makes the voyage an important historical event?

Common Core was meant to elevate higher level thinking, but simply raising the bar doesn’t help more kids succeed.
By forcing a harder curriculum:
Many students fall even farther behind
Get discouraged
And drop out

New York was the first large state to implement common core

Under old standards:
[% children meeting standards]
Math: 65%

Under common core:
Math: 55.1%
Reading: 31.1%

Students demoralized to tears
Teachers un-prepared

Dehumanizing In NY:
5th grade teachers follow a new, 500 page scripted curriculum.

Case study: Algebra

Algebra is taught in the 8th grade under Common Core
(a plateau in child brain development)
Making it much harder to deal with and retain new concepts

Rationale: Students with algebra have more options when they graduate, and the earlier one takes algebra, the more advanced courses they can take before college.
Some kids might be able t take algebra in the 8th grade–> but should we force everyone to?

In Real Life: Algebra at too early of an age turns kids off to math, and often becomes a cited reason for dropping out, ultimately leaving kids with less options.

8th grade Algebra proficiency levels plummeting:
New Mexico: 43%
Tennessee: 39%
West Virginia: 35%
Oklahoma: 33%
In the real world, how many times will an employer ask you for a proof of the quadratic equation?
It’s important to push activities that are developmentally correct.

The aim of common core is to increase stem proficiencies and higher level thinking.

Then why do many of America’s most well-educated parents:
Home school
Or send kids to:
Waldorf schools
Montessori schools

Where there is ample time to play, and flexibility for children’s developmental differences?

Common Core




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Are you earning a living wage?

Are you earning a living wage?



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What Makes You Put Down a Book?

What Makes You Put Down a Book?



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PC market declines indicate that this isn’t the main platform target…

The Death Of The PC Market Is A Huge Problem For Intel

This chart from Statista shows how Intel’s business is tied to the PC industry. This shows Intel’s revenue growth versus PC shipment growth, as measured by Gartner. This chart isn’t too shocking, but it does a good job of illustrating the problem Intel has to solve as the world moves to tablets and smartphones.  

Intel Chart of The Day



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Wise flowchart: Should you ask a question during seminar?

Wise flowchart: Should you ask a question during seminar?

Should you ask a question during seminar?


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Easter Eggs: Hidden Gems of the Internet: Infographic of Easter Fun

Easter Eggs: Hidden Gems of the Internet

Internet Easter Eggs

Easter Eggs: Hidden Gems of the Internet

Easter Eggs are an intentional inside joke, hidden message, or feature in a work such as a computer program.

Google Easter Eggs

Searching “Zerg Rush” in Google
Reaction: Begins a mini game in which a veritable horde of red and yellow O’s attack the search results, your goal is to hold them off for as long as possible. GLHF.

The Ultimate Question
Searching “Answer to life the universe and everything” in Google
Reaction: Google immediately turns up the answer of 42, which according to Douglas Adams (and his fans the world over) is the Answer to the Ultimate Question.

Question of Life, The Universe, and Everything:
Different Perspectives
Searching “Tilt” or “Askew” in Google
Reaction: The entire Google page will tilt slightly to the right

Never Give Up. Trust Your Instincts.
Searching “Do a Barrel Roll” in Google
Reaction: The entire Google page will follow Peppy Hare’s command by rotating 360 degrees.

A Cheeky Suggestion 
Searching “Anagram” in Google
Reaction: Google offers the suggestion “Did you mean: nag a ram” which is an anagram of the word Anagram.

Searching “Atari Breakout” in Google Images
Reaction: All of the images from the search will condense into colored rectangles as the search engine becomes a playable version of the Atari classic, Breakout.

Ones and Zeroes
Searching “Binary” in Google
Reaction: When Google returns a search, it also shows the amount of results found at the top of the screen, by searching “Binary” the amount of results are shown in binary code.

Where Shadows Lie
In Classic Google Maps, enter a staring location of “The Shire” and an end location of “Mordor”
Reaction: Google Maps will provide the route, but it comes with the warning “Use caution – One does not simply walk into Mordor.”

YouTube Easter Eggs

For Great Justice!
Clicking to the side of a video and typing “1980”
Reaction: Your video will drop down on the screen and a playable version of Missile Command will appear above it, as missiles strike the ground the video will get damaged and crack, eventually shattering and signaling game over.

The Force is Strong with this One 

Searching “Use the Force Luke” in YouTube
Reaction: YouTube’s Midi-chlorian count gets a massive boost, and objects on the screen move about as if acted upon by some outside… Force.

Searching “Beam me up, Scotty” in YouTube
Reaction: Search results are given the classic effect of beaming onto the screen, a must see for any Star Trek fan.

Searching “Fibonacci” in YouTube
Reaction: YouTube arranges the results in a new, tiled format that follows the Fibonacci sequence.

Searching “Do the Harlem Shake” in YouTube
Reaction: The well-known tune starts to play, and then the entire YouTube page proceeds to do the Harlem Shake.

For the Geeks
Starting any search on YouTube with “/ Geek Week”
Reaction: The YouTube layout changes completely, looking very similar to a Unix Terminal.

For the Nerds

Right-clicking on a video
Reaction: In the drop down menu there is an option called “Stats for nerds”

Wow, So Color
Searching “Doge Meme” in YouTube
Reaction: Changes the fonts of the menu and search results to pastel Comic Sans.

Konami Code

The Konami Code made its debut in the 1986 release of Gradius for the NES, it became popular with North American gamers when it was also found in Contra. The code has been used in countless video games over the years, and has become a skeleton key for Easter Eggs of the Internet.

The following are just a few of the many websites that have Easter Eggs that unlock via the Konami Code:
 Result: A particularly stylish Velociraptor shuffles along the bottom of the screen.
 Result: An awesome All Your Base Are Belong To Us remix video appears.
 Result: The site’s background changes to dancing aliens that shift colors
 Result: Images on the site become Rick Astley’s face, and “Never Gonna Give You Up” starts playing.
 Result: Another bottom screen Vecolicraptor, this one comes with tech.

Misc: Easter Eggs of the Internet

Typing “About:Robots” in the URL bar in Firefox will bring up various laws or statements about Robots

The Wikipedia article for Easter Eggs (Media) has its own Easter Egg hidden within. There is an image of two rabbits and a hedgehog, mouse over the hedgehog until the tooltip appears, it will say “You’re not going to believe this, but I’m sitting on an enormous basket of eggs” clicking the hedgehog will then take you to an image of a basket of Easter Eggs.

The IMDB page for This Is Spinal Tap has a maximum possible rating of 11, rather than the usual 10.



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