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Flipping the Classroom and Other Techniques to Improve Teaching

“”Flipping the Classroom and Other Techniques to Improve Teaching” is Inside Higher Ed’s new downloadable compilation of articles.

The booklet, the latest in a series of free, print-on-demand collections, examines how instructors and institutions are experimenting with new approaches to student learning.

On Thursday, Dec. 7, at 2 p.m. EST, Inside Higher Ed’s editors will lead a free webinar to discuss the booklet’s themes. Register for the event here.

This booklet was made possible in part by the advertising support of Top Hat.”


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Nearly half of U.S. teens prefer Snapchat over other social media

Nearly half of U.S. teens prefer Snapchat over other social media

“Snapchat is more popular among U.S. teens than ever, according to new research from investment firm Piper Jaffray. The company surveys teens in the U.S. about their media habits every spring and fall.

This fall’s survey found that 47 percent of surveyed teens say Snapchat is their preferred social media, up from 39 percent in the spring. Way back in the spring of 2015, Snapchat was their least preferred social media platform. And Instagram hasn’t been the most popular platform since 2015, according to the survey data.

Recently Snapchat has seen increased pressure from Instagram, which, along with parent Facebook, has been copying Snapchat’s features. The move has been paying off as Instagram has eaten away at Snapchat’s share of new users in the U.S., according to data from Adobe.

Snapchat, however, is still tops for teens:

For its latest report, Piper Jaffray surveyed 6,100 U.S. teens in 44 states who had an average age of 16 during fall 2017. The survey, distributed through teachers, includes teens both from average-income households ($55,000) and high-income households ($101,000), so the average household income for a teen in the study was $66,100, slightly above the national median.”


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Knowing the Difference Between What’s Urgent and What’s Important

Knowing the Difference Between What’s Urgent and What’s Important


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These are the good old days!!

These are the good old days!!

Diamandis Health

Diamndis Food


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15 Ways to Create Tweets That Get Action

15 Ways to Create Tweets That Get Action

15 Ways to Create Tweets That Get Action

With so many tweets overwhelming each Twitter user, it can be incredibly difficult to get your tweets seen and clicked.
Twitter has 320 million current active users so it’s no wonder why it’s getting more and more difficult to be seen on Twitter.
But done correctly, Twitter can still be a great source of traffic. And as you know, if your Tweets aren’t driving traffic, then they’re not doing you or your business much good.
That’s why I’ve compiled this list of 15 ways to get your Tweets seen and clicked on by your followers.

1: Add Images

Did you know that tweets with images receive 18% more click-throughs, 89% more favorites and 150% more retweets?
And you can create multiple images for each blog post, using attractive colors, centered headlines and interesting textures.
Don’t forget to add your brand or URL, too.
For a slew of free design tools, check out this infographic:

2: Use Faces

Studies show that few things in print or online media captures people’s attention faster than faces, so why not use them?

3: Thank Profusely and Often

When your fellow tweeters have promoted your content or even contributed to it, thank them. This makes you look like a really nice person, plus it’s great for building relationships.

4: Use Brackets

This is a great subject line trick as well – include something such as an afterthought in brackets, like this:
“Love the shoes [too sexy!]”

5: Quote Someone

Twitter users love quotes. They can be funny, famous, timely and so forth. When you come across something inspiring or thoughtful, by all means share it.
And if the quote is over 140 characters, feature the quote in an image.
Here are 20 tools to do just that.

6: Hashtag Your Topic

Your tweets are usually seen only by your followers. But if you add a hashtag or two, your tweet can potentially be found by others as well.
Want to do some hashtag research? Check out

7: Make Your Tweets Contagious

To get your tweets shared, Jonah Berger, the author of Contagious: Why Things Catch On, says to make them viral using any of the following:
• Social Currency – how smart a user looks to others when they share your tweet
• Triggers – top of mind content people are triggered to think about
• Emotion – focus on feelings rather than function
• Public – built to show, built to grow. Think of a brand that puts a red bottom on all of their shoes and you get the idea.
• Practical Value – news you can use
• Stories – tell stories people want to share

8: Add Emojis and Symbols

Non-text characters make your message stand out. If you’re using a smartphone, you’ll find the emojis right on your keyboard.
If you’re on a computer, you can download a Chrome extension or copy and paste Twitter symbols from a Twitter library such as this one.

9: Ask Questions

Posing questions to your followers is an effective way to engage people.
Be sure to follow up with everyone who answers you so they know you’re listening.
And you can always highlight answers by retweeting them with your response, keeping them alive and inspiring even more interaction.

10: Use Polls

Twitter Polls are a great tool for attracting attention and engaging followers.
Click the “Add poll” icon beneath the tweet box, add up to four questions, and choose how long you want your poll to run.

11: Use Your Own Face

Don’t forget to tweet your own face now and then, especially if you’re using a logo as your profile picture.
You’ll increase the stopping power of your tweet as well as build more of a personal connection with your followers.

12: Use @ to Get Specific Attention

If you want someone specific to see your tweet, mention them by including their username preceded by the @ symbol.

13: Use an Image to Grab Group Attention

If you want to get the attention of a group of people, include an image in your tweet. Then when Twitter prompts you with “Who’s in this photo?” you can tag the image with up to 10 users without affecting your character count.

14: Use Twitter Cards

Twitter cards let you include additional media types – such as images, videos, audio and download links – in your tweets.
They’re not the easiest thing to use the first time, though, so you might want to follow along with Twitter’s CMS Integration Guide.

15: Tweet Multiple Times

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Want Better Creative Content? Build a Better Brand Style Guide

Want Better Creative Content? Build a Better Brand Style Guide

Want Better Creative Content? Build a Better Brand Style Guide



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Millennials are at odds with their parents over binge-watching TV

Millennials are at odds with their parents over binge-watching TV

Chart of the Day 10/10


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