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HBR: Blue Ocean Leadership

From HBR Blog:

How to engage your employees and stop wasting everyone’s time:




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The Best Jobs of 2014: Librarian #38 of 200!

The Best Jobs of 2014

Librarians are #38 on the list. Click the “all 200” link in the box to see the details.

A friend’s comment: “also…the description of the librarian is so 20th century for most people. The management consultant…#63…is more like what we do now and their salaries are higher!”  So high ranking isn’t always the best position!


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Meet The Reversible USB Cable, Coming This Summer

Gotta speed this innovation up!

Meet The Reversible USB Cable, Coming This Summer

“This new standard is supposed to be finalized in July, which means hardware that uses it could start to ship as soon as this summer. Anytime a cable standard changes, adoption is bound to be slow, but the extreme convenience of this new design will hopefully speed things along with PC, smartphone and accessory OEMs.”



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Marshall Breeding’s Library Systems Report 2014

The annual survey for library land:

Library Systems Report 2014

Competition and strategic cooperation

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Infographic: Major Sites Affected by Heartbleed Bug

Major Sites Affected by Heartbleed Bug

This week, news broke of a large scale security flaw in OpenSSL, a widely used piece of open source security code. The threat, which has been labeled “Heartbleed” was found to have been a security issue for over two years but had flown under the radar of digital security professionals and web developers alike until now. A bevvy of popular sites including Yahoo, Facebook and OK Cupid have since reacted and responded to the Heartbleed Bug by updating their software and servers to fix the security threat. Still, we suggest changing passwords for the sites that were affected as a security measure to keep your information and data safe from malicious hackers and identity thieves, who may have skimmed sensitive information before patches were applied.

Below, you’ll find a chart depicting which sites were affected by the Heartbleed Bug, what passwords experts are recommending be changed as well as the type of data that may have been vulnerable while Heartbleed was active.



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State of America’s Libraries Report 2014


State of America’s Libraries Report 2014

Data and library trends of the past year are detailed in this digital report, released every year as a free American Libraries digital supplement during National Library Week (this week–April 13–19, 2014).

The report includes data and insights on:
• Ebooks, digital content, and copyright issues
• Library construction and renovation
• Outreach and diversity
• Libraries and community engagement
• Intellectual freedom
• Social networking

You can access the report at 

Libraries continue to transform to meet society’s changing needs, and more than 90 percent of the respondents in an independent national survey said that libraries are important to the community.  But school libraries continue to feel the combined pressures of recession-driven financial tightening and federal neglect, according to data from the National Center for Education Statistics, and school libraries in some districts and some states still face elimination or de-professionalization of their programs. These and other library trends of the past year are detailed in the American Library Association’s 2014 State of America’s Libraries report, released today during National Library Week, April 13– 19.

Press release: ALA releases 2014 State of America’s Libraries Report

Zmags version of the report at American Libraries Magazine 

2014 State of America’s Libraries Report (PDF 9.4MB)

State of America's Libraries Report 2014, American Libraries Magazine digital supplement
Executive Summary


Libraries and Community Engagement

Public Libraries

Ebooks and Copyright Issues

School Libraries

Academic Libraries

Social Networking

Library Construction and Renovation

Outreach and Diversity

Washington Scene

Intellectual Freedom


Contributors and Feedback


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A Framework for Influencer Marketing: Action Plan and Tips

A Framework for Influencer Marketing:Action Plan and Tips




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