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139 Facts and Stats About Instagram One Should Be Aware of in 2017

139 Facts and Stats About Instagram One Should Be Aware of in 2017

139 Facts about Instagram One Should Be Aware of in 2017


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Why Online Reviews Can Either Make Or Break Your Business!

Why Online Reviews Can Either Make Or Break Your Business!

Why Online Reviews Can Either Make Or Break Your Business!




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A Knowledge Organization in an Age of Alternative Facts by David Lankes

A Knowledge Organization in an Age of Alternative Facts

by rdlankes

“A Knowledge Organization in an Age of Alternative Facts” Sarasota County Public Library Staff Development Day. Sarasota, FL.

Abstract: Communities need the public library now more than ever. In an era when neighbors are more divided than ever, and even the nature of truth and facts are in question, ho do librarians best serve their community? This presentation makes the argument that our communities do not need more information literacy, a greater emphasis on quality information, or a neutral institution. Rather our communities need trusted partners helping weave together common understandings of events and priorities.

Slides: Slides in PDF



A Knowledge Organization in an Age of Alternative Facts from R. David Lankes on Vimeo.


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Knowledge School Penthouse Interview @ 2016 Charleston Conference

Knowledge School Penthouse Interview @ 2016 Charleston Conference

by rdlankes

The Charleston Conference and Against the Grain do a great series of interviews with Conference Speakers. Last year I was chosen for a “Penthouse Interview.” It is available in its entirety at: David Lankes Penthouse Interview @ 2016 Charleston Conference. It is also available in shorter segments on the Charleston Conference website at: Against the Grain Penthouse Interviews: 2016 Interviews.


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7 Useful Resources for Research Paper Writing

7 Useful Resources for Research Paper Writing

Let’s start off by defining what exactly a research paper is. In case you’re a student, you should already know this, but let’s go ahead and explain it for those who don’t know:

According to, a research paper is an extended type of essay which presents your own interpretation of a certain subject. You get to display your arguments, and lastly prove a point. A research paper should always have a good topic and credible sources.

When I said credible sources, I wasn’t talking about Wikipedia. In fact, Wikipedia can be modified by many unprofessional individuals who don’t have a clue about what they’re talking about.

Here’s the first tip for today:

Websites that have certain extensions are more credible than the ones who don’t. For example, websites that end with “.edu”, “.gov”, or “.org” are resources that don’t aim for profits. These are educational resources meant to help the academic advancement of those who seek it.

Nowadays, the information is everywhere. It can be easily and hardly be found, but only if you care enough to search for it. Fortunately, you have landed on the right post.

During today’s article, we’ll explore 7 useful and credible sources that’ll improve your research paper writing performances.

1.  Your School’s Library

Obviously, the best place to look for reliable resources that go into your research paper should be the school’s library. Not only that it contains a lot of academic resources, but it also facilitates books on the subjects that you might need for the assignment.

A school library contains more academic resources compared to any other place (except the internet). There are more advantages that come with your school’s library. As long as you have a library card, you can borrow books for free.

Another advantage would be the comfort that you get while sitting in your own dorm room or in the college campus. A lot of flexibility!

2.  RefSeek

RefSeek is a great online academic search engine, which helps you find many academic facts, journals, .pdfs, books, and websites. All you have to do is type some key words or some key phrases, and there you go.

It works just like Google, the only difference being the fact that it focuses on exactly what you need. Many students that look for credible information are using RefSeek to obtain it, and you should too.

3.  Google Scholar

Google Scholar is very assembling to RefSeek. The difference is that Google still remains the best search engines. They have earned this status by providing relevancy to millions of people every day.

Instead of using Google as your main search engine, go for Google Scholar. This search engine only indexes websites that have an academic nature. They do a great job by eliminating any website that contains affiliate links, ads, or other elements that are linked to marketing.

Be sure that almost everything you’ll find will be reliable and will not try to trick you into buying something.

4.  Student Hacks

This is a blog which is totally dedicated to students who want to improve their college experience. It provides plenty of useful tips and tricks, student hacks, and strategies to become a better in academics. You can take advantage of Student Hacks in plenty of ways.

For example, you can read through their articles, which are often written by academic professionals or smart students. You can also find many resources that could lead you to the proper facts and stats. These can be further used whenever you write a research paper.

5.  Australian Writings

Australian Writings is a professional writing service which tends to make students’ life easier. It basically connects professional writers with different degrees in different fields with students that need help. They can take care of your research, writing, editing, and proofreading. They also have custom services and orders, so you can personalize the outcome as much as possible.

They’re not even that expensive, and be sure that they’re always delivering quality. I’m recommending them from personal experience, as I used their services in the past.

6.  Brainy Quote

If you want to inspire more credibility in your research papers, some famous quotes from famous people can help you big time. Brainy Quote is a platform filled with all types of quotes from successful people. You can find a quote about everything today, and you can easily do so by inserting a few keywords into a search string.

Adding a quote here and there will also spice up your text, and it’ll make you look more professional and knowledgeable with the topic.

7.  Scholarpedia

As mentioned earlier, Wikipedia isn’t a reliable and credible source of information. You should never use their information when crafting a research paper. Instead, the best option would be Scholarpedia.

This platform is just like Wikipedia, only difference laying in the fact that everything’s checked before it gets published. The ones who check it? Well, university professors, certified professionals, and high status academicians.


Writing an effective research paper often takes time and effort. You can do plenty of mistakes while writing such a complex paper. The mistakes would be, for instance, mentioning the misspelled names, sustaining the wrong facts and statistics, and not sticking to the point.

Take advantage of all of the presented tools and resources, and start making your research paper writing activity less tiring and more productive.

Jessica Freeman is a blogger and freelance writer from Sydney, Australia. She enjoys covering various topics, from education and technology to motivation and productivity. She also has her own blog where she presents top writing tips. Follow Jessica on Google+ and Twitter.

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Booming Plagiarism Scandals in 2016

Booming Plagiarism Scandals in 2016

Top 2016 Plagiarism Scandals




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10 Principles of Strategy through Execution

10 Principles of Strategy through Execution

How to link where your company is headed with what it does best. See also “A Guide to Strategy through Execution.”

1. Aim High


2. Build on Your Strengths

3. Be Ambidextrous

4. Clarify Everyone’s Strategic Role
5. Align Structures to Strategy

6. Transcend Structural Barriers
7. Become a Fully Digital Enterprise

8. Keep It Simple, Sometimes
9. Shape Your Value Chain

10. Cultivate Collective Mastery



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