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Cycles and Libraries

If I can find some time I’d like to create one of these for public libraries…




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Internet @ Schools and Computers in Libraries Columns

I write an occasional column for the Internet @ Schools supplement/section of Computers in Libraries periodical.

Here are some links to downloads of the recent articles:

Pipeline Column
Internet @ Schools Mar. / Apr. 2014 Issue
Preparing Our Schools for the BYOD World

Read it here: MMIS_55

Pipeline Column
Internet @ Schools Oct. / Nov. 2013 Issue
Preparing Kid’s for the Work Environment (without being too brazen) 

Read it here:  MMIS_54

Pipeline Column
Internet @ Schools Sept. 2013 Issue
Low Hanging Fruit: Key Components of Learning Focused Web Presences


Read it here: MMIS_53

Pipeline Column
Internet @ Schools May/June 2013 Issue
Teacher Librarian Education: Time for a Rethink?


Read it here: MMIS_52

Pipeline Column
Internet @ Schools Mar/Apr 2013 Issue
Makerspaces in Libraries, Education and Beyond


Read it here: MMIS_51

The attachments are the copies before my wonderful editor fixes them up.  You can get the final copies and references online through the usual licensed databases and your subscriptions.


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My Information Outlook Columns 2013-2014

I’m a little behind on posting my Information Outlook Columns from 2013-2014. So here they are (note these are the copies before my wonderful editor makes them better. The final columns are on the website):

Information Outlook Column (Nov/Dec 2013 online issue)

We’re Different: Influencing Skills and Special Librarians

Read it here. IOColumn_114

Information Outlook Column (Jan/Feb 2013 issue)

Curb Your Librarian Frustration in 8 Steps

Read it here: IOColumn_111

Information Outlook Column (Mar/Apr 2013 online issue)

Librarians: The Next Generation

Read it here: IOColumn_112 (1)

Information Outlook Column (Sept/Oct 2013 online issue)

The Next Generation Intranets

Read it here: IOColumn_113

Information Outlook Column (Apr/May 2014 Issue: Info Tech)

Information Professionals and Our Scalability Problem

Read it here: IOColumn_106

Information Outlook Column (Sep/Oct. Issue 2014: Info Tech Online issue)

Are We Experts?

Read it here: IOColumn_114



Computers in Libraries

Spring 2013

Upping Our Game: Unlocking the Real Value in Libraries:

Leading on Transformational Analytics and Getting off The Hits Train

Read it here: NFAIS-article



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Meet The Publisher Who Ditched Amazon And Is Selling More Books Than Ever

Meet The Publisher Who Ditched Amazon And Is Selling More Books Than Ever

Read more:

Ask Randall White, the 72-year-old CEO of the Educational Development Corp., an Oklahoma-based book distributor, why he decided pull his company’s 2,000 titles — including the acclaimed potty bestiary “Everyone Poops” — from…”

Read more:


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Crowdfunding: Where will we go from here? [infographic]

Crowdfunding: Where will we go from here? [infographic]



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Become an INSTANT TREND EXPERT: 10 critical trend questions answered

Become an INSTANT TREND EXPERT: 10 critical trend questions answered

“If you’re charged with building a culture of innovation in your organization – or if you simply want to start spotting and applying trends yourself – INSTANT TREND EXPERT will provide an invaluable guide!

You’ll find key questions about consumer trends answered, including:

  • Spell it out already, what is a consumer trend?
  • Aren’t trends just market research? Where are the stats!?
  • Some of your featured innovations fail! Doesn’t that invalidate your trends?
  • I have no budget / I am not in charge of innovation. What use are trends to me?
  • How do I know if a trend applies to my target demographic?

… and more!

We know, you’re smart – and clued up when it comes to trends (after all, you’re a subscriber ;). But after INSTANT TREND EXPERT, you’ll forever have the perfect answers to persuade skeptical clients and colleagues, too!”





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Canada: Back to School Stats


Back-to-school: 7 million students, 440,000 educators prepare for the new year

From tuition fees to teachers, a look at the numbers as students hit the books

Here’s what is happening tomorrow – Tuesday Sept. 2, 2014:

“An estimated five million children will flood through the doors of elementary or secondary school in Canada this year”

“About two million sign up each year for classes at an institution of higher education such as a university or college.”

“Those entering universities will be schooled by 45,000 full-time professors”

“Nearly 10 times as many grade school teachers — about 396,000 full- and part-time — will watch over classes of elementary and secondary school pupils.”

“Parents spend more than $1,000 dollars on their young scholars, ranging from buying supplies for kindergartners to offsetting textbook costs for university students.”

“When it comes to the costs, parents will spend an average of nearly $1,400 on their children’s education”

“Those in university face steep tuition fees. The average tuition now costs $5,772. Dentists-in-training pay the most, at a whopping $17,300, while future educators fork over the least, at $4,400 for teachers’ college.”

“By the time they reach university, nearly all students will have cellphones.”

“An estimated one-quarter of Grade 4 students have their own cellphone. For Grade 7 students, that proportion rises to half, and by Grade 11, it’s 85 per cent.”

“university students typically spend the least, with only 15 in-class hours per week. . . . But with an average 17 hours outside the classroom spent on reading textbooks and working on assignments, the hours on academics adds up to a grand total of 32. Never mind the average of 18 hours of paid work many will be doing on top of that to help with tuition costs.”

“While it’s not known how many elementary or secondary students are spending outside of class on homework, researchers don’t recommend much. A mere 10 minutes per day per grade level of homework, so 80 minutes for Grade 8, should suffice, they say”.



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