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Branch Map Mashups Using Google

Steven Cohen, of Library Stuff fame, points us to a map of Chicago Libraries (and not just public libraries!) as well as other cultural institutions. You can see it here.
It reminds me of the SirsiDynix mashup of those Gulf libraries affected by Hurricane Katrina and Rita. See it here.
I’ve been saying in my talks lately that libraries need to keep Google Local in mind. Go to Google Local for your area and search ‘library’ or ‘libraries’ or ‘books’ and see how your library and branches fare in the results. You may be shocked, especially if Google decides to default their search engine to local instead of national in your area to generate local advertising income too. Learn how to get yourselves in Google’s results lists here.
Either way, these mashups with Google Maps may be a unique content addition to your library website, even if it’s just for directions to your branches.

Posted on: December 23, 2005, 8:40 am Category: Uncategorized