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A few articles

I write a column for Multimedia & Internet @ Schools magazine. It’s a good journal that keeps up with the trends in school libraies and media centers.
Anyway, my column is embargoed and here are three that can be posted:
Multimedia and Internet @ Schools
Jan./Feb. 2007 issue)
Justifying the Social Tools: Improving the Conversation
Multimedia and Internet @ Schools
Mar./Apr. 2007
Shooting Themselves in the Foot
Multimedia and Internet @ Schools
Meet Your Kids’ Avatars: Future School Libraries’: A Third Presence in Second Lifeune 2007
Each followed the theme that education sector has to start experimenting with these new tools or they will be forced underground with the learners and everyone loses.

Posted on: August 8, 2007, 11:32 am Category: Multimedia & [email protected]

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