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Better Temporary File Sharing

I heard about this on the cool Hey Jude blog and it’s amazing.
FileURLS is a nifty online tool that quickly lets you share a file. I experimented with a fairly large PPT and a DOC file. There is currently no need to set up an account. It lets you set an expiry date up to 7 days in the future. After it uploads your file – and it is very very fast (I was amazed) – it gives you a simple URL. You can then e-mail the URL created, or place it in your blog or wiki.
Anyway, it will handle any file up to 250MB. I can think of many timies when this would have helped me out a lot – especially when I need to get around e-mail filters that limit attachments to 4MB.
This is too simple to be true and beats FTP hands down!

Posted on: November 22, 2007, 8:31 pm Category: Uncategorized