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Teens and Cel Phones

Picked up from YPulse.
Sudbury Star, Feb. 15, 2008
Teens wired to their cellphones; Most could give it up for a day, but any longer would give them fits
“Young people ages 13 to 24 are the largest group of wireless phone users in Canada.”
“52 per cent of Canadian teens do have their own phone.”
“Teens spent 10 per cent less on clothing last year, allocating money to their cells.”
“More cellphone chatting and text messaging has meant fewer teens using online chat rooms, according to a study by Mobile Youth. Only 27 per cent now use Internet access to chat, down from a high of 75 per cent in 1999. Also 93 per cent of those surveyed now use text messaging every day . About three per cent send more than 40 messages a day.”{
“144 cellphone users ages 16 to 40 from several countries to give up their cellphones for a couple of days. Even the moderate users described the experience as one of “deprivation.” They felt anxious without their phones.”
“Teens text teens, talk to parents”
Today Wired mag reports that Google was shocked to discover that Apple iPhone users search Google with their mobiles fifty times more often than other kinds of phones. “Not bad for a phone that represents 0.4 percent of the mobile handset market.”
We see the beachhead of change…

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