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More Comic Creators

Here are a few more comic creators.
Comic Life
Different sites seem appropriate for different ages and stages. They seem tailor-made for library events. How about these ideas:
1. Have a library user contest to make the best comic to describe a visit to the library. (humour welcome)
2. Add this to the 23 Things or Learning 2.1 as a fun activity. (fun is welcome, eh.)
3. Write a comic book about a trip to the library for different grades to access and read before or after a library visit.
4. Write a fun storyboard about a library event – games night, teddy bear or wear-your-pajamas night, sleepovers, computer literacy training, and more.
5. Promote a vote for a bond issue or library proposition. (Hey if you can comnunicate your best argument in four panels you’re halfway there!)
6. Promote your graphic novels, mystery or romance collection with a graphic representation of the staff and librarian.
Remeber there are many formats of comics:
– Single pane
– 3-4 panels
– Sunday colour comics longform
– Classic comics
– Graphic novels
– Serials (or Soap Operas) like Mary Worth or Gasoline Alley
– Limited series (like a Christmas arc)
What are your ideas (or examples?). You can share in the comments.
Hey! You don’t need to know how to draw anymore!

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