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Visiting Yuma Arizona

I am flying to Arizona on Sunday to spend the whole day Monday with Yuma libraries. They’re opening a great new branch soon and I’ll get a preview. We’re doing a staff event in the morning and a public lecture on Monday night. I’ll post the slides next week but I am chuffed to have been interviewed by the local paper. The headline is a hoot! It was a fun interview from the Toronto airport and it made the front of the section too. Libraries are cool in Yuma.
International library expert coming to Yuma
I can link to e-print things. Last year, I did a whole bunch of radio interviews and shows across Australia for ABC that were repeated all over the place but I couldn’t link. They were fun too but I couldn’t easily share which seems to be part of me.

Posted on: May 15, 2009, 1:33 pm Category: Uncategorized

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