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What is a Group of Librarians?

I asked an idle question on my Facebook wall and it generated some interesting, fun and funny responses . . .
What do you call a group of librarians?
Some of the quick suggestions include:
A gaggle of librarians
A collection of librarians
A catalogue of librarians
A catalog of librarians
A shush of librarians
A volume of librarians
A flap of librarians
I wonder WWGD – What would Google do? I searched < collective nouns librarians >. . .
For a hundred or more . . .
Collective Nouns for Librarians #1
Collective Nouns for Librarians #2
Wikipedia says:
A catalogue of librarians
But WikiAnswers says:
A stack of librarians
I like the above ideas . . .
How about . . .
A shelf of librarians
A drawer of librarians
A disc of librarians
An answer of librarians
An ask of librarians
A value chain of librarians
And if you’re Facebook policies, Twitter changes, Elsevier journals, OCLC licenses, or whomever is on the hotplate this week . . maybe we’re an:
An affront of librarians
And since if you put five librarians in a room, within three hours you’ll get at least three associations, five committees, six meetings, and one manifesto, why not call ourselves . . .
A network of librarians.
So, what do you call a group of librarians? It doesn’t matter. Just call us. Ask.
Just call us smart and valuable and we’ll smile.

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