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Web 3.0 in Plain English

I picked this up from Lone Wolf Librarian (again – it’s a library blog worth the RSS feed).
Web 3.0 Concepts Explained in Plain English
“Web 1.0 – That Geocities & Hotmail era was all about read-only content and static HTML websites. People preferred navigating the web through link directories of Yahoo! and dmoz.
Web 2.0 – This is about user-generated content and the read-write web. People are consuming as well as contributing information through blogs or sites like Flickr, YouTube, Digg, etc. The line dividing a consumer and content publisher is increasingly getting blurred in the Web 2.0 era.
Web 3.0 – This will be about semantic web (or the meaning of data), personalization (e.g. iGoogle), intelligent search and behavioral advertising among other things.”
This blog posting has 6 web presentations on Web 3.0.
1. The Evolution of Web 3.0 (28 slides)
2. Why Web 2.0 / 3.0? (101 slides)
3. WWW 3.0: This time it’s personal (130 slides)
4. Web 3.0 (44 slides)
5. Web 3.0 Explained with a stamp : The Basics (45 slides)
6. Web 3.0 Explained with a stamp : The Techniques (51 slides)
All of these slide presentations are worth the effort to click through. Check them out and be the first on your block to hate the term but know what you’re talking about! Labels don’t really mean that much – we’ve let people catalogue the books without reading them for years!
I gotta get me a proper SlideShare account and work on using that to load my PPTs to this blog. (Another summer project!)

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