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Web 3.0?

Robert Scoble at Scobleizer: Exploring the 2010 Web has a nice post arguing about whether to call it Web 3.0. Sound familiar?
My take is that it must be coming (probably already here) if people are arguing over whether to label it Web 3.0, the 2010 Web, the social web, the real time web or whatever. It’s just different enough to require a new label, probably temporarily, until it’s the new normal expectation and becomes the web again. I wonder if anyone calls it the Internet much anymore?
Anyway, I think Scoble’s list of what is making up the 2010 Web is very interesting:
“1. Real Time. Google caught the Wave of that trend today BIG TIME.
2. Mobile. Google, again, caught that wave big time Wednesday when it handed Android phones to everyone at its IO conference.
3. Decentralized. Does Microsoft or Twitter demonstrate that trend? Not really well.
4. Pre-made blocks. I call this “copy-and-paste” programming. Google nailed it with its Web Elements (I’ll add a few of those next week).
5. Social. Oh, have you noticed how much more social the web is? The next two days I’m hanging out on an aircraft carrier with a few people who do social media for the Navy.
6. Smart. Wolfram Alpha opened a lot of people’s eyes to what is possible in new smart displays of information.
7. Hybrid infrastructure. At the Twitter Conference this week lots of people were talking about how they were using both traditional servers along with cloud-based approaches from Amazon and Rackspace to store, study, and process the sizeable datasets that are coming through Twitter, Facebook, and friendfeed.”
I think we’re seeing a new web emerge. Bigger, better and less easy to learn and less intuitive.
I am still digesting that new Microsoft Bing (But It’s Not Google), Wolfram: Alpha, Google Wave, Yahoo changes, Google Squared, etc. I guess it’s too much too fast for me!
Either way, as Buffalo Springfield said, “Something’s happening here. What it is ain’t exactly clear.”

Posted on: June 7, 2009, 9:17 am Category: Uncategorized

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