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Types of Innovation

The “Think for a Change” blog has a nice post outlining a list of the different kinds of innovation.
What kind of innovator are you?
“Here’s a small list of innovation niche areas just off the top of my head…perhaps you can think of more:
New Product Development
Research and Development
Idea Generation
Organizational Creativity
Open Innovation/Co-Creation
Innovation Management & Leadership
Innovation Processes
Innovation Tools (mind mapping, idea management software, etc.)
Strategy & Planning
Metrics, Measurement & Analysis
Intellectual Property (Patents, Legal Protections)
Culture, People, HR
Customer/Consumer Research and Ethnography
Trends, Future Farming and Horizon Studies
Portfolio & Project Management
Training & Skill Development”
Off the top of my head, I’d add innovations in relationship management, markerting, communication, and user interfaces.
I think this highlights the importance of thinking about innovation in the broadest and most creative context. You need to keep your mind open to innovations small and large as well as across the board in all areas of the enterprise.

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