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Simple Friday Fun

I lost a few minutes as I delved into this website. I know I learned nothing of use for my life and career but I got all warm amd fuzzy inside just seeing Fred and Wilma’s house blueprints.

Mark Bennett at the Mark Moore Gallery

You’ll also find Uncle Bill’s (Buffy and Jody) apartment, Darrin and Samantha Stevens’ house, Jeannie’s bottle, George & Louise Jefferson’s Co-op, Lucy and Ricky Ricardo’s apartment, Mary Richard’s bachelorette, The town plan for Mayberry, a US map for the Fugitive, Bruce Wayne’s and Rick Grayson’s place, and Frasier Crane’s condo.

Now we should request the Brady Bunch place and the Simpson’s house and neighbourhood.

How cool would that be!?


Posted on: March 19, 2010, 7:54 am Category: Uncategorized