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Read all aboot it

Gary pointed to this article in MediaDailyNews:

Read All Aboot It: Canadians Still Like Print Newspapers by Erik Sass

From the Article:

“A new survey of Canadian adults in 53 media markets indicates continuing popularity for print newspapers north of the border, with a surprisingly low number of survey respondents only reading content online.

The survey covered populations in markets served by a total of 81 Canadian daily newspapers (as well as 60 community newspapers in 33 of these markets), representing 72% of the total Canadian population.

Overall, the new readership survey from NADbank found that 14.7 million Canadian adults, or 78% of the total population, read a print or online edition of their daily newspaper at least once a week. However, the print edition is still far more popular among adult readers in general, with 73% reading the print edition once a week versus just 22% for the online edition. Even more remarkable, a mere 4% of Canadian adults only read newspapers online.

More specifically, 47% of Canadian adults read a printed daily newspaper on an average weekday, 44% read the Saturday edition, and 23% read the Sunday edition.”

I think it is a little premature. I believe that with a number of major newspapers up for auction in Canada right now, there are ways to revitalize the industry. Howver, adults don’t make all the trend – you have to keep an eye on those teens and yound adult habits. I see so few reading anything more in print than the freebie Metro paper in the subway. They are well informed though since they get news from other sources.


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