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Laptop Circulation in an Academic Library

Jeff Trzeciak, University Librarian at McMaster University Library in Hamilton Ontario, is reporting the results of their laptop survey on his blog. I find it interesting so take a look:

Laptop Survey

Here’s some of the data (background in the post)
“Frequency of use: 20% used the laptops only once; 40% 2-5 times; 9% 6-10 times; 31% more than 10 times

Purpose: 9% for IM; 11% for “recreational use”; 20% for email; the remainder for something related to coursework/research/studying

Application: 41% Word; 23% excel; 20% powerpoint; 14% access

Location: 84% in the library; 16% outside the library

Period: 41% want to use them for 6 hours; 37% for 4 hours; 14% overnight; 8% 24 hours

Laptop vs desktop: 79% prefer laptop over desktop

PC vs Mac: 67% prefer pc

Personal laptop: 85% own their own laptop

Computer at home: 94% have a computer where they live

Class year: was almost evenly divided between years 1-4; only 5% are grad students

Faculty: 25% science; 19% business; 18% engineering; 14% social sciences; 5% health sciences; 14% humanities; remaining “other””

Anyone else getting similar results? This seems like a simple poll/survey to do, just ask them to fill out a SurveyMonkey when they’re picking up or returing the laptop (or any other equipment that is lent like e-readers, iPods, MP3 players, adaptive devices, etc.)!


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