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Farewell Sybille

OK, sad time. A good and old friend of 37 years passed last night after a very courageous and dignified third battle with breast cancer. We visited with Sybille less than 2 weeks ago and laughed and chatted. Stephanie and I went on our first double date with Sybille and Eddie in the early 70’s. We are both still together after all this time. We shared fond memories of that bowling date (with beers in Sybil’s and Stephanie’s pockets – which passed for edgy then – the beer not the bowling, that was always lame). We remembered another time spinning on the ice through an intersection in Eddie’s giant pink Cadillac. Our youth may be gone but the memories remain. She was only a year older than me.

Farewell Sybille.


Posted on: April 25, 2010, 6:06 pm Category: Uncategorized