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Canadians Are Online Longer Than Any Other Country

So, what do you expect, eh? It’s all aboot us.

Canadians Are Online Longer Than Any Other Country

“Canadians spend more time online than users in any other country, and and while they’re surfing the web, many visit Facebook.

ComScore numbers show about 68 percent of the Canadian population is online, compared to 62 percent in France and the U.K., 60 percent in Germany, 59 percent in the U.S. and 57 percent in Japan.”

“But according to, Canada is no longer dominating Facebook. The country has more than 17 million users on the site and is coming in 9th to 10th place, either in front of or behind India.

More impressive and relevant: 51.2 percent of Canada’s total population, or 65.9 percent of the country’s online population, uses Facebook, which makes it one of the most significant demographic groups on the social network.”

Canadians spend more time online than any other country

“Canadians were curating their Facebook profiles long before the rest of the world got hooked, many were experimenting with the limitations of writing in 140-character snippets at Twitter’s launch in 2006, and we watch online video more than any other web surfers. There aren’t many theories as to why exactly, but Canadians rank among the most enthusiastic users of the web and all its various offshoots.”

“Canada was the only country in which users logged an average of more than 2,500 minutes online a month, which is almost 42 hours. Israel was second with an average of around 2,300 minutes, while a few other countries were around the 2,000-minute mark.”

“It’s estimated that about 21 million Canadians visit YouTube each month, compared to 147 million Americans. But considering the U.S. has 10 times Canada’s population, Canadians are way ahead on a per capita basis.

Canadian users also view more videos, with an average of 147 watched each month compared to 100 per U.S. viewer. In terms of most minutes watched, 18-to-24 is the biggest demographic with a monthly average of 244 videos viewed over the course of 1,095 minutes, or 18.25 hours.”

“the number of Twitter accounts in Canada has increased by 75 per cent since the beginning of the year, and the number of daily tweets more than doubled”

“The average Canadian web surfer reads 16 Wikipedia pages a month, which is the most in the world … Canadian users generate about 217,000 edits a month.”

CanLit ebooks sell well on Canadian’s Kobo readers and they read other contemporary literature more, but with the romance and erotica categories selling less at 50% of the US rate.

Yep – Canadians are different, eh.

We can waste time online better than anyone!


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