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Predictions on the Future of Book Publishing

This collection of assorted predictions would make a great start for a good debate. I agree with some and some are pretty obvious. Others are quite silly to my mind and understanding.

10 Biggest Predictions for the Future of Book Publishing

1. Vanity presses and self-publishing will swell in popularity
2. More writers and artists will experiment with motion comics
3. There will be little need for gargantuan publishers
4. More people will be authors
5. eBooks will only get more popular
6. Authors will grow even more media-savvy
7. Memoirs expand as a genre
8. Books will no longer have a minimum length
9. eBook readers will move even further away from E Ink

I always think it’s interesting people believe that everyone will become a polymath due to new technology. Great and other lesser authors will quickly develop marketing and sales skills, printing and e-book development skills, channel management, PR and pricing skills and more as long as they have the means of production and web savvy. Gutenberg went bankrupt three times. The printing press improvements did not make him a publisher nor a good at business. There will be some successes but organizations and group effort exist for a reason.

Anyway, this list would make a great basis for a discussion some day with a diverse group.


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