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20 Forecasts for 2011-2025

I love forecasts!

The World Future Society Presents 20 Forecasts for 2011-2025 (via Committed Sardine)

20 Forecasts for 2011-2025
Trends and Breakthroughs Likely to Affect
Your Work, Your Investments, and Your Family

Forecast #1:
– The Race for Genetic Enhancements Will Be What the Space Race Was in the 20th Century
Forecast #2:
– Water Becomes the New Oil
Forecast #6
– Invention Becomes Automated
Forecast #3:
– WiMAX Networks Will Soon Create Country-Wide Wireless Internet Access
Forecast #4:
– By 2025, the Worldwide Average Life-Span Will Be Extended by One year Per Year—
Forecast #5:
– Bioviolence Becomes a Greater Threat
Forecast #7
– Japan Dominates the Race for Personal Robots
Forecast #8
– Holographic 3-D TV
Forecast #9
– The ‘Holy Grail’ of Computers Becomes a Reality
Forecast #10
– Electric Cars Become Fully Practical by 2020
Forecast #11
– Religion Growing in China while Secularism Grows in the Middle East
Forecast #12
– New Oil from Old Wells
Forecast #13
– Green Gold: Algae’s Huge Potential as Biofuel
Forecast #14
– Nanotechnology May Alter the Value of Diamonds and Other Precious Commodities
Forecast #15
– The Millennial Generation Will Have Major Impacts on Society
Forecast #16
– Quantum Computers Revolutionalize Information Around 2021
Forecast #17
– Breakthrough DOUBLES Solar Energy Output
Forecast #18
– Consumers Will Take Active Roles in Inventing New Products and Services
Forecast #19
– Virtual Education to Enter the Mainstream by 2015
Forecast #20
– Genetic Research May Soon Conquer Most Inherited Diseases

More detail after the link.

What do you do with future forecasts?

Here’s what the World Future Society suggests:

“1. Scan the Media to Identify Trends
2. Analyze and Extrapolate Trends
3. Develop Scenarios
4. Ask Groups of Experts
5. Use Computer Modeling
6. Explore Possibilities with Simulations
7. Create the Vision”

That’s simple (grin).


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