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US National Broadband

Here’s some data on broadband in the United States:

68 percent of households have broadband

“The Digital Nation report has a few key factoids to consider:

• People with college degrees adopt broadband at triple the rates of those with some high school education (84 percent vs. 30 percent.
• Whites (68 percent) and Asians (69 percent) have a higher broadband rate relative to black non-Hispanics (50 percent) and Hispanics (45 percent).
• 60 percent of rural America has broadband vs. 70 percent for urban areas.
• Income is also a factor.”

The interactive National Broadband Map is worth a look to check out your community:

The clear facts are:

Internet service map data show no broadband access for up to 10% in U.S.

Note that 5-10% is by population. It isn’t by geography and that coverage is far worse. I kno. I travel through a lot of it. If everyone is to have equitable access to the new knowledge-based economy and informaton, entertainment, commerce, learning and education, then everyone has to have access to broadband in the same way there are roads, water, electricity, TV, heat, libraries, healthcare, phones, etc.

If the government can find you to audit your taxes, then it can make sure you have broadband. You’re not that hidden!


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