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How will digital change the nature of the book?

This O-Reilly post points to ten innovative experiments in book publishing. Just making old books into e-books but carrying forward all the creativity and compromises of the legacy print world and the past seems to be just a simple first step. The real creatviity will happen when authors and publishers start to really experiment with the new opportunities.

10 innovative digital books you should know about
A look at 10 envelope-pushing digital books.
by Peter Meyers

A lot of these use the iPad, iPhone functionality but there are others based on Acrobat/Flash or the NFB.

Cathy’s Book

Operation Ajax

Music: An Appreciation (an Inkling textbook)

iBirdPro HD

The Civil War Today

NYPL Biblion

Glo Bible


Virtual History ROMA

Welcome to Pine Point

See the post for more.

If you know of some interesting and innovative or creative e-books, tell us in the comments.


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