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I am on a decluttering binge so from the Positivity Blog I share:

21 Small Habits That Will Help You to Live a Simpler Life

“1. Breathe.
2. Do one thing at a time.
3. Write it all down.
4. Do all your food shopping once a week.
5. Stop doing what you don’t like doing anymore.
6. Stop trying to please everyone.
7. Stop trying to do things perfectly.
8. Pack your bag before you go to bed.
9. Throw out the things you haven’t used in 1 year.
10. Ask yourself simplifying questions every day.
11. Keep everything in its place.
12. Cook more food than you’ll eat.
13. Write shorter emails.
14. Ask instead of guessing.
15. Use a minimalistic workspace.
16. Check everything just once a day.
17. Choose small daily acts of kindness.
18. Don’t make mountains out of molehills.
19. Spend 15 minutes each Sunday to plan the next week.
20. Cancel subscriptions for things you rarely get around to watching or reading anyway.
21. Spend more time with people that help you to keep things simple.”

Read more detail in the post.


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