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One Third of Americans Own Smartphones

More Americans own Smartphones than hold a bachelor’s degree or speak another language in their home.

The Pew released their first-ever “stand alone” reading on smartphone ownership and usage based on new survey data. The report is available for immediate release/publication. Among the key findings:

· 35% of US adults own a smartphone of some kind. The financially well-off, college graduates, those under the age of 45, and non-whites are especially likely to be smartphone owners.

· 25% of smartphone owners say that they do most of their online browsing on their smartphone, and around one third of this group lacks traditional broadband access at home.

· 35% of smartphone owners have an Android phone, while iPhones and Blackberry devices are each owned by 24% of smartphone adopters. Android phones are especially prevalent among young adults and African-Americans, while iPhone and Blackberry adopters skew towards those with relatively high levels of income and education.

Here’s what owners thought about their smartphones:

The full report is available on their site at

Download the 24 page PDF here.

What does your library look like on a smartphone?


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