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Free eBook: School Libraries: What’s Now, What’s Next, What’s Yet to Come

Buffy Hamilton and  Kristin Fontichiaro have lead the creation of a crowdsourced FREE e-book on the future of school librarianship.  It includes a great pile articles from ‘names’ in school librarianship as authors.  Read more here and download it now from Smashwords.

School Libraries: What’s Now, What’s Next, What’s Yet to Come

Ebook By Kristin Fontichiaro and Buffy Hamilton
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Published: Oct. 15, 2011
Category: Non-Fiction » Education and Study Guides » Teaching
Category: Essay » Technology
Words: 45706 (approximate)
Language: English

Ebook Short Description

A crowdsourced collection of over 100 essays from around the world about trends in school libraries written by librarians, teachers, publishers, and library vendors. Edited by Kristin Fontichiaro and Buffy Hamilton. Foreword by R. David Lankes. Photographs by Diane Cordell.

Extended Description

A crowdsourced collection of over 100 essays from around the world about trends in school libraries written by librarians, teachers, publishers, and library vendors. Edited by Kristin Fontichiaro and Buffy Hamilton. Foreword by R. David Lankes. Photographs by Diane Cordell.  CONTRIBUTORS: Kelly Ahlfeld, Diane Erica Aretz-Kernahan, Emilia Askari, Kathleen Atkin, Robert Baigent, Susan D. Ballard, Angela Washington-Blair, Dan Bowen, Holli Buchter, Jennifer Branch, Len Bryan, Jennifer Colby, Diane Cordell, William Cross, Meg Donhauser, Joanne de Groot, Stacy Dillon, Andrea Dolloff, Laura Fleming, Lorna Flynn, Elizabeth Friese, Rachel Goldberg, Beth Gourley, Dorcas Hand, Alida Hanson, Violet H. Harada, Heather Hersey, Valerie Hill, Kimberly Hirsh, Shannon Hyman, Pamela Jackson, Melissa P. Johnston, Jesse Karp, Sara Kelley-Mudie, Tricia Kuon, Neil Krasnoff, Jennifer LaGarde, Teri S. Lesesne, Margaret Lincoln, Kate MacMillan, Adrienne Matteson, Kathleen McBroom, Walter McKenzie, David Meyer, Ben Mondloch, Leslie L. Morgan, Cathy Jo Nelson, Beverley Rannow, Howard Rheingold, Nikki D. Robertson, Daniella Smith, Evan St. Lifer, Jennifer Stanbro, Caitlin Stansell, Jeff Stanzler, Carolyn Jo Starkey, Wendy Steadman Stephens, Michael Stephens, Linda Straube, Cathy Stutzman, Mega Subramaniam, Margaret Sullivan, Joyce Kasman Valenza, Karen Villegas, Jeanna Walker, Donna Watt, Holly Weimar, Senga White, Erin Drankwalter Wyatt, Amanda Yaklin, Alice Yucht, Marci Zane
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Table of Contents:


FOREWORD: R. David Lankes: Hanging in the Balance

EDITORS’ INTRODUCTION: Kristin Fontichiaro and Buffy Hamilton: The Future of School Librarians: Fight, Flight, or Flourish


Jennifer Stanbro: Learning That Lasts

Tricia Kuon: The Jetsons Have Arrived: 21st-Century Learners Are Connected

Kathleen McBroom: Common Core Standards for 21st-Century Learners: All of ‘Em

Shannon Hyman: You Had Me At “Hello”

Walter McKenzie: The 21st-Century Schoolhouse

Sara Kelley-Mudie: We Are All 21st-Century Learners

Mega Subramaniam: The 21st-Century Learning Lab in the K-12 School: The School Library

Robert Baigent: The Fearless Librarian


Donna Watt: Beginning With One Special Teacher

Jennifer LaGarde: The Future of Libraries is Now!

Stacy Dillon: What Faberge Organics Taught Me About Librarianship

Beth Gourley: The Only Boundaries? Time, Energy, and Imagination

Heather Hersey and Marci Zane: Putting the Teacher in Teacher-Librarian


Laura Fleming: Transmedia Storytelling

Elizabeth Friese: School Libraries and Run-On Sentences

Howard Rheingold: New Literacies and Librarians

Evan St. Lifer: Lighting the Fuse of Inquisitiveness

Adrienne Matteson: New


Neil Krasnoff: Chess in the Library: Gateway to Research, the Social Web, and a Life of the Mind

David Meyer: A Place for Electronic Gaming in Libraries

Dan Bowen: Games-Based Learning, Literacy, Engagement, and Motivation

Kimberly Hirsh: Gaming for the 21st-Century Learner


Alida Hanson: Reading 2.0: Deep, Dark Secrets

Kelly Ahfeld: The Future of Reading is Power — Just Like the Present

Erin Drankwalter Wyatt: Fostering a Culture of Reading: As the Tools Change, the Text Remains

Jesse Karp: How We Learn to Care

Jennifer Colby: The Future of Storytimes: “On With the Show, This Is It!”: The School Media Specialist as Performer

Teri S. Lesesne: Elroy Jetson Meets Captain Kirk at the School Library

Kate MacMillan: Athletes as Readers and Leaders

Pamela Jackson: Reading Interrupted: In Pursuit of Passion

Rachel Goldberg: Book Fairs 2.0


Len Bryan: The Physical Library — Still Relevant

Margaret Sullivan: Planning School Libraries, Overcoming Decision Fatigue

Karen Villegas: The Library’s Last Stand

Wendy Steadman Stephens: School Libraries as a Last Hope for Preserving American Democracy

Angela Washington-Blair: Inspiring Physical Library Spaces for High School Students

Margaret Sullivan: Tinkering Around the Library


Linda Straube: Together We Light the Way

Valerie Hill: Virtual World Libraries: A Global Community of Learners

Holly Weimar: Living in the Material World? Well, Virtually I Am

Joyce Kasman Valenza: I Want to Be an App


Holli Buchter: Opening Day Collection for a Non-Dewey Library: The Red Hawk Elementary Library Story

Andrea Dolloff: Deleting Dewey: Elementary Style

Ben Mondloch: The Power of eBooks

Cathy Jo Nelson: Ten Reasons a School Library and Certified Librarian are Vital to Schools

Kathleen Atkin: Best of Times, Worst of Times: Responsible Collection Development in Changing Times


Lorna Flynn: Outside and Inside Teamwork

Neil Krasnoff: Cultivating the Next Bill Gates in Your Library: Collaborating with Computer Programming Teachers and Students to Develop Software for Reading Incentive Programs

Diane Cordell: Bridging Space and Time: Collaborating for Learning

Kate MacMillan: Napa Valley School and Public Library Collaboration

Margaret Lincoln: A 21st-Century Collaborative Success Story

Beverley Rannow: Library 101 Sierra Leone Style

Jeanna Walker: They Said Yes!

Leslie L. Morgan: Collaboration with Academic and Public Librarians is the Future of School Librarians

Heather Hersey, Marci Zane, Cathy Stutzman, and Meg Donhauser: Capturing the Voices of All Stakeholders: Teachers, Librarians, Students, and a Supervisor Plan and Assess an Inquiry Unit

Emilia Askari: School Librarians and Journalists – Unite for Digital Literacy!

Senga White: Collaboration: The Key Link Between Librarians and Teachers

Jeff Stanzler and Kristin Fontichiaro: Show, Don’t Tell

Amanda Yaklin: The Blink of an Eye

Caitlin Stansell: Jeanna the Queena

Diane Erica Aretz-Kernahan: Librarians are the World’s Coolest People


Melissa P. Johnston: Preparing 21st-Century School Librarian Leaders

Nikki D. Robertson: The Unapologetic Twitvangelist

Senga White: Networking and Why We Need to Flock Together

Susan D. Ballard: We’re Working on That

Carolyn Jo Starkey: Empowering School Librarians Through Professional Learning Communities

William Cross and Kimberly Hirsh: Legal Education for School Librarians

Violet H. Harada: Conducting First-Year Seminars

Daniella Smith: Champions of Equal Learning Opportunities

Joanne de Groot and Jennifer Branch: A Sandbox for Teacher-Librarians: Learning to Play 2.0

Michael Stephens: Filled with Heart: Characteristics of 21st-Century School Librarians

Alice Yucht: Professional Development is a Professional Responsibility

Dorcas Hand: Reimagineers for K-12 Libraries



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