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Rethinking the Textbook

From The Scholarly Kitchen:

Back to School: Rethinking the Textbook

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An entertaining and interesting brainstorm of potential textbook models of the future:
“The outlines of the various reform strategies for textbook are now beginning to emerge:

1. The industrial engineering model approaches the textbook with an eye on efficiency and cost reduction.

2. The “sons of Wikipedia” adopt a crowdsourced model for content creation.

3. The Hollywood model for the new textbook takes the view that more is better and that multimedia is better than text.

4. The videogame model takes the Hollywood model one step further.

5. The platform model seeks to aggregate various content types into a single offering.

6. The social network model attempts to put the content of a textbook into the context of social engagement, re-creating, as it were, the dynamic nature of the classroom in a virtual environment.

Check it out – fuller explanations in the post.

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