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17 Unproductive Habits to Let Go

As we head into resolutions season, here’s some ideas:

17 Unproductive Habits to Let Go

via Life Optimizer by Donald Latumahina

1. Consuming the information you don’t need

2. Letting others to run your life

3. Reinventing the wheel

4. Being perfect

5. Letting television to overrun your passion

6. Multitasking

7. Neglecting your body

8. Promising too much

9. Reacting to every distraction that comes along

10. Thinking that the more the better

11. Being late on appointments

12. Staying quiet when you should ask

13. Starting a task but not finishing

14. Working tired

15. Waiting others to take action

16. Failing to admit mistakes and learning from them

17. Fixing the symptom instead of the root cause

New years can be new starts.



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