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Three Library Stories

I got a giggle out of these three library stories.

Blame the Internet: London’s burglars won’t even steal CDs, DVDs

I think is is another indicator for libraries.  There’s not mycu life left in the CD/DVD business format for lending.  And why steal a CD/DVD when I can borrow it from the libarry and rip a copy in my car?

Amazon Publishing Taps Famous Librarian To Curate Its New Series

“Amazon (NSDQ: AMZN) Publishing is launching a new series, “Book Lust Rediscoveries,” curated by librarian and NPR commentator Nancy Pearl. Pearl will select a handful of out-of-print books each year to be republished by Amazon in print and digital formats.”

We need more rock star librarians like Nancy!

UK: Universities Collected £50m in Library Fines, Figures Show

via INFOdocket by Gary D. Price

“From The Guardian: Universities have raised almost £50m [approx. $77.15 million USD] from fining students for overdue library books in the past six years. Leeds University accrued the most money from overdue books, collecting more than £1.8m in fines for the six academic years from 2004/05. Manchester University, which collected almost £1.3m, came in second […]”

How much? !!!!!  Wow.



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