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Blekko and DuckDuckGo are Growing

From Steve Arnold’s blog:

Blekko Sees Drastic Spike in Search Traffic

April 22, 2012

Search Engine Land recently reported on Blekko, the spam free search engine, in the article “Blekko’s Traffic is Up Almost 400 Percent; Here are the CEO’s Five Reasons Why.”

According to the article, since January Blekko has seen a 337 percent gain in unique visitors this year. What are the reason for this drastic increase you ask? Blekko CEO Rich Skrenta attributes the spike to: improved index quality, dissatisfaction with Google, distribution partnerships, trade show and convention appearances, and the demise of Yahoo Site Explorer.

The article states:

“Google continues to have a near death-grip on search engine market share in the U.S., but the growth that Blekko — and DuckDuckGo, too — is seeing in recent months means that at least some searchers like to keep their options open. (And, much like the rumors of a Facebook search engine, the growth of Blekko and other search engines is also a Good Thing for Google as it deals with antitrust/monopoly concerns.)”

These numbers are small compared to Google’s billions of queries, but the trend is certainly interesting.”

Blekko and DuckDuckGo are two of my fave Google alternatives that few end users know about.  They impress people when you tell them they try to be content spam free.



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