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Why QR Codes Won’t Last

An interesting post:

Why QR Codes Won’t Last

“Consider a recent study by comScore, which states that only 14 million American mobile device users have have interacted with a QR code. In essence, less than 5% of the American public has scanned a QR code.  So where’s the disconnect?

Inadequate technology, lack of education and a perceived dearth of value from QR codes are just three of the reasons mobile barcodes are not clicking with Americans. But it goes deeper than that.”

In short:

QR Codes have security risks

He suggets they will be replaced by MVS (new to me) which is ‘mobile visual search’.

No mention of NFC (Near Field Communication) another cpompetitor for the QR Code space.

This is fun to watch.  The good news is that most of what you learn playing with QR Codes applies to the other new pretenders to the throne.



Posted on: May 25, 2012, 7:12 am Category: Uncategorized