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How not to write about libraries – some guidelines for reporters

Check out Jessamym West’s brilliant post:

Here’s her list:

How Not To Write About Libraries

1. Your library joke is tired, even if it’s new to you

2. Quit it with the wardrobe policing

3. We’re not all women, not even close

4. Many different people work in a library building

5. There are some amazing things hidden in special collections

6. No one with any credibility thinks “It’s all on the internet” and there are reasons why it isn’t

7. The money thing is complicated, take some time to understand it

8. Not all libraries are public libraries

9. The entire public is welcome in the public library

10. Libraries are full of joyful noise

Read the whole thing here:
Great job, Jessamyn.
I’d second that th stories about books being returned after 75 years are not interesting.  And anything that addresses the “Dewey Decimal System” is boring as a new story.
All human beings desire to be understood.  Shouldn’t reporters try to write that and help?

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