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Librarian Stocking Stuffers: 10 Geeky Office Supplies for Librarians

Elyssa Kroski has created this awesome list of gifts and stocking stu,ffers for librarians for the holiday season.  I want them all! Elyssa’s blog iLibrarian is one of my favourites!

10 Geeky Office Supplies for Librarians

October 23rd, 2012  Ellyssa Kroski

“Let’s face it, a lot of us librarians are geeky, and thus we enjoy geeky office supplies in the workplace.  Here are 10 suggestions for stocking up on geeky stuff for this winter:

1.) USB Toast Handwarmers

I personally own these comfy, cute handwarmers , shaped like little pieces of toast, which plug into your USB port to heat up. They have 2 settings – high and low and they are similar to fingerless gloves so they don’t interfere with typing.

2.) Book Inspired Tablet Cases

There are tons of vintage and art book inspired tablet cases to be had online, and specifically through Etsy where you can buy just about anything hand-made.  This Van Gogh book iPad case is just one example.

3.) Pop Culture Flash Drives

Mimoco creates Mimobot USB flash drives inspired by pop culture, artists, or legendary figures such as Albert Einstein.  Sizes range between 8GB – 64 GB for these adorable drives.

4.) Assorted Library Cards

Get a set of 50 library cards in five different colors – white, salmon, goldenrod, green, and blue.  Keep notes “old school” style with these colorful cards.

5.) ID Blocker Stamp

We’re librarians…we love stamps!! And this one is practical as well as fun, it’s got thousands of tiny symbols that block out whatever is stamped.  Great for keeping account numbers and other sensitive info private.

6.) Priority Sticky Note Set

Organize your post-it notes by priority level with this unique set of sticky notes!  This is a great idea, although I can see many of us going through the “Dire” pads fairly quickly.

7.) Hash Tag Mug

Most librarians have jumped on the Twitter bandwagon by now and many may be interested in breaking from all that tweeting for a coffee in this adorable Twitter mug with hash-tag handle.

8.) Keyboard Organizer

Organize all of your paper clips, pens, pencils, and sticky notes in this all-in-one organizer hidden away under your keyboard.  This is a great way to keep your desk uncluttered!

9.) USB Typewriter

For those of you with bigger budgets, you may want to check out this amazing USB keyboard which will plug into your iPad, PC, Mac, or any other USB-enabled device.  Modern keys have been added such as  ctrl, alt, esc, and arrow keys.

10.) Laser Keyboard

This futuristic laser cube projects a full-size keyboard onto any flat surface.  It will connect to most any Bluetooth-enabled device including iPad, iPhone and most laptops.

Bonus! Anti-Theft Lunch Bags

Many of us librarians brown bag our lunch from time to time.  Well, now we can protect our PB&J’s from sticky-fingered coworkers with these anti-theft lunch bags which have green “mold” splotches printed on both sides.”

Santa can bring me any of these!



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