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California State Library Releases “The Emerging Story of California Public Libraries”, A New Tool for Public Libraries

via LJ INFOdocket and Gary Price

A model to copy for other states to tell the library story:

From the California State Library:

The California State Library has announced an exciting new tool for public libraries. The Emerging Story of California Public Libraries is a document designed to help libraries reframe their stories of why they are still relevant in today’s highly technological society.

This document or story map, was presented at the Annual California Library Association Conference in San Jose California.


This document helps to celebrate the many ways that libraries have already adapted to the changing needs of society in the 21st century. These include: providing material and digital access to everyone; serving as a collector of information for future generations; connecting people, places and ideas in communities; supporting the discovery of new information; and becoming a hub to help communities be creators of content.

According to Acting State Librarian, Gerry Maginnity, The Emerging Story of California Public Libraries “provides the necessary information to help libraries explain their relevance to their communities, helping them tell their stories without forgetting their past. Our goal is to help frame the conversation to increase funding, collaboration, and the collective imagination.”

Direct to the Document/Story Map (6 pages; PDF)

Read the Complete Announcement from the California State Library


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