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IFLA International bibliography of bibliographies of library value and impact studies

Must have international bibliography of bibliographies of library value and impact studies. Print it out and post it, blog it, tweet it, Facebook it, or email it to your friends and colleagues.  This is ammunition when combined with good advocacy relationships.  You damage research, learning, discovery and community when you damage well run, well strategized and well funded libraries with 21st Century vision.

Updated Bibliography From IFLA: “Impact and Outcome of Libraries” (421 Entries)

Via at LJ INFOdocket

A 421 item bibliography is now available on the Statistics and Evaluation Section of the IFLA Website.

Compiled by Roswitha Poll. 49 pages; PDF.

Citations are organized into the following sections:

1. Projects

2. Bibliographies

3. General

4. Impact on Information Literacy

5. Impact on Academic Success

6. Social Impact

7. Impact of Electronic Services

8. Financial Value of Libraries

9. Impact of School Libraries 10.Impact of Special Libraries

Direct to Bibliography (49 page PDF)

Hat Tip/Thanks: Sheila Webber, Info Literacy Weblog



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