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Debate: 3D printing – is it for libraries?

It’s a wonderful debate about whether 3D printing fits into library strategies.  I fall on the side that yes, for many libraries they do and I fully support the maker movement, from creative writing labs, to business incubators to creating art and patentable objects and inventions.  They can make a library collection even more relevant and connect a wide variety of users to their own success scenario and pathway.  That said, here are two versions of the points of view on this debate:

Hugh Rundle initiates the debate:

Mission creep – a 3D printer will not save your library

Phil Bradley says it well here:

3D printing – is it for libraries?

Simply, content is content and being able to print off an particular museum art object from the Smithsonian on demand complements a print museum, art and sculpture collection.  Besides the bounds of budgets, why privilege one type of content over another?  We think we have rights issues with e-books, just wait…!



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