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AAUP Publishes New Guidelines on Librarians

AAUP Publishes New Guidelines on Librarians 

“The American Association of University Professors has updated guidelines for  librarians to reflect their changing roles as teachers and researchers. The  joint Statement on Faculty Status of College and University  Librarians now includes language on technology in the library and recommends  that institutions adequately compensate librarians for the 12-month cycles in  which they typically work.

It also recommends that colleges and universities involve librarians in  governance issues, such as curriculum development, said Deanna Wood, a reference  librarian and associate professor of reference at the University of New  Hampshire who helped draft the updated guidelines. That way, students won’t  enter the library to do research and find “there’s nothing there to support  it.”

The revised statement also reaffirms an earlier version’s call to consider  librarians involved in teaching and research as faculty members and lauds their  role as independent guardians of intellectual and academic freedom. Wood said  while she and many fellow librarians at public land-grant universities are  tenured faculty, the practice is rarer at private universities. It’s unclear  what percentage of librarians are tenure-track faculty nationwide, she  added.

A joint committee of AAUP and Association of College and Research Libraries  members drafted the updates to the original, 1973 guidelines, which were  approved by both groups last year.”

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