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How many texts sent by age group …

CHART OF THE DAY: Kids Send A Mind Boggling Number Of Texts Every Month

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Chart of the day shows the average number of texts send per month, march 2013

“This chart comes from Business Insider Intelligence, a new research and and analysis service focused on the mobile and Internet industries. Sign up for a free trial here.

Young Americans send almost ten times as many texts as Americans over 55.

According to Experian, U.S. smartphone owners aged 18 to 24 send 2,022 texts per month on average — 67 texts on a daily basis — and receive another 1,831.

That’s nearly double their slightly older peers, smartphone users aged 25 to 34.

That corroborates a Pew study from last year, which found that the median number of texts sent by teens was 60 per day.

While it’s not particularly surprising that young Americans send more texts than their parents, their texting behavior actually has an enormous impact on the mobile ecosystem.”

“Another challenge to carriers’ text revenue is from apps like WhatsApp, Snapchat, and Kik. These all bypass the carriers and help users connect and communicate quickly through data connections. These apps are most popular among younger smartphone owners. ”



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