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Nonprofits Need to Compete for Top Talent

As the economy recovers, beware that competing for talent in libraries will increase in importance and the pressure is on.  No time to relax!

Nonprofits Need to Compete for Top Talent

by Gerald Chertavian (HBR Blog Network)

Some snippets but read the whole article:

“The nonprofit sector is facing a massive talent shortage, which makes scaling a social enterprise extraordinarily difficult. To achieve impact, it’s critical that social entrepreneurs attract, retain, and develop skilled talent. Competing directly with the private sector to do so is not only a good idea; it’s a necessity for the best organizations to succeed.”

Leverage your mission.

Focus on culture and growth.

Pay as competitively as you can.

Invest in leadership.

“Enterprises shouldn’t save money by cutting recruitment and development costs.”

“For the social enterprise movement to realize its potential, organizations will need to invest in the recruitment, development, and growth of their future leaders, just as for-profits do. People provide the real growth capital for any enterprise — and make it possible for them to have an impact.”



Posted on: March 25, 2013, 7:14 am Category: Uncategorized