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Strategic Planning Template (pdf)

Strategic Planning Template (pdf)

The Strategic Planning Template that makes Strategic Planning easy!

Strategic Planning Template

Strategic Planning is rarely easy. For this reason we created a Strategic Planning Template that can really help you if:

· You lead a team and want everyone to be clear on what the Goals are, and the Steps in achieving those goals

· You are formulating a new strategy and want everyone’s input and buy-in in a manageable way.

· You are not entirely sure on which strategy will work, and want to apply numerous approaches without losing focus.


Strategic Planning is dead – Ave Strategic Planning!

First, I think we should make clear our philosophy on what strategy is – or perhaps, is not. Strategy is not about writing a lengthy plan and then filing it away. Instead, it is about creating a simple and specific outline that should be able to fit on one page and – most importantly – makes it easy for frontliners to act on.

Most strategic plans fail in these three respects – and then CEOs wring their hands when their strategy is not delivered on.

But there is an alternative.

Using the 10S Strategic Thinking Model, strategy is made so easy – even fun – that everyone can become involved in it. This is especially important in fast-growing markets like Asia, where societies are collective. Here, top-down just doesn’t get you the engagement from your people that you need in order to deliver on your strategy.

Strategy also needs to be socialised. Forget lengthy plans and complicated frameworks. To socialise a strategy, you need to keep things light and simple. Like our Strategic Planning Template. Have a look here.

Strategic Planning Template pdf

How to use the Strategic Planning Template

Using the Strategic Planning Template is easy. Just follow the following Steps:

1. Refer to The 10S Strategic Thinking Model. Run through the 10S’s with your team.

2. Turn to The Strategic Planning Template.

3. Clarify your definition of Success (top box)

4. Brainstorm ideas as to how to reach this goal

5. Class your ideas into Plays and Steps. Write down each of the Steps in the boxes below (you may need to print more of these).

6. Revisit the 10S Strategic Thinking Model and check your Strategy espcially against your Situation.

…And that’s it – Strategic Planning really is that easy!

How the Strategic Planning Template helps you

The Strategic Planning Template therefore:

· Ensures Strategy is kept simple, easy to understand and execute on.

· Can respond rapidly to events on the ground and front line -ensuring it remains relevant.

· Makes it easy to involve everyone in the process, ensuring high levels of buy-in and commitment.”



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