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E-books are changing reading habits

USA Today: E-books are changing reading habits

“• Why do you read books?

To learn something (72%), to be entertained (64%), to be able to talk with others about the books you’ve read (19%).

• What keeps you from reading more books?

More than half — 51% — cite lack of time as a major factor.  Only 16% say lack of interest in reading; 14% cite a lack of quality books.

• How often does a book play a role for you in meeting a new friend or romantic partner?

Never, say 78%.  But others says romances and friendships do spring from books often (3%) or sometimes (7%).

And for those reading more because of their devices, what kinds of books are you reading more of? (Readers could list up to three genres.)

Nearly one in four — 23% — mentioned science fiction or fantasy, followed by mystery and crime (16%), romance (14%) and non-fiction (14%).”



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