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Five Global Retail Trends That Will Shape 2014

I’ve seen each of these trends start to appear in library land.  Great!

Five Global Retail Trends That Will Shape 2014

  1. Retailers are trying to entertain you to get your business.
  2. Retailers are going to stock what people are tweeting about or pinning on Pinterest.
  3. Retailers will have to unify their mobile, desktop, and tablet experiences – tracking shoppers as they move from platform to platform across the day.
  4. Offline stores are going to starting pinging your phone when you walk in. 
  5. Retailers are going to offer more customizable products like engraving on gadgets.

So, what I’ve seen that show some of these trends:

Libraries using Pinterest for book covers to promote reading and ‘liking’ and ‘sharing’

Libraries customizing reader cards with photos or offering a choice of backgrounds to engage users.

Libraries showing excellent humour on their Facebook pages with comics, photos, cards, etc.

Libraries integrating mobile, sometimes first, as their presence.

Libraries texting people on their phones as they enter  a branch . . .  and welcoming them.

It’s all cool, and that’s good, but more importantly it’s human and engaging for some market niches of users.


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