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25 Reasons Why Brainstorming Sessions Fail

25 Reasons Why Brainstorming Sessions Fail

“1. Lame facilitation
2. Wrong (or poorly articulated) problem statement
3. Unmotivated participants
4. No transition from “business as usual”
5. Insufficient diversity of participants

6. Addiction to the status quo
7. Lack of clear ground rules
8. Sterile meeting space
9. Hidden (or competing) agendas
10. Lack of robust participation

11. The extroverts take over
12. Habitual idea killing behavior
13. Attachment to pet ideas
14. Discomfort with ambiguity
15. Hyper-seriousness (not enough fun)

16. Endless interruptions
17. People come late and leave early
18. Premature adoption of the first “right idea”
19. Group think
20. Hierarchy, turfs, and competing sub-groups

21. Imbalance of divergent and convergent thinking
22. No tools or techniques to spark creativity
23. Inadequate idea capture methods
24. Premature evaluation
25. No real closure or next steps”


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