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Help with this Survey: The CES 2014 Project and Libraries

Brian Pichman is attending CES this year and is asking for some help to promote libraries to some of the tech innovators there. He’s had some success in the past with getting technology innovations into libraries so this is a great initiative.  So… here’s his pitch:

The CES 2014 Project

“This year, I’ll be traveling to Las Vegas, to attend the Consumer Electronic Show. The CES Show is one of the largest tech focused conferences, that is not open to the public. The Consumer Electronics Association sponsored event hosts previews/betas/early demos of new products or new product announcements. I will be posting daily logs and every few hours upload images to Flickr – which will appear on this page.

I have three main objectives while there.

1. Effect on Libraries

There is always great tech out there for libraries. Through attending this conference, I’m very hopeful to discover some great new technology and be able to apply it to library-land. Whether it be technology for makerspaces (tools that allow for creation) or great technology for circulation, or technology that should be used within our spaces, to make the library more interactive and engaging (motion based, touch screens, artificial intelligence)

2. Effect on STartups

A lot of start-ups forget about libraries as a place to sell their technology too. My aim here is two fold. One, introduce libraries to start-ups as a great hub to showcase their new technology and allow libraries to use their cool technology. I would love to get various start-up companies to say “why they love libraries” and use that as a promotional piece for librarians across the country. Second, I aim to get some special pricing for libraries who are willing to bring in new technology.

3. Evolves Mission

I’m also hoping to uncover new partnerships with other start-up companies I have not yet reached. Through these partnerships / collaborations, I hope to create agreements from the start-ups to libraries to allow for better discounts or even free promotional give-a-aways for libraries.

Here is the banner we will be showing at CES:”

So take a gander at Evolve’s and Brian’s website and fill out his short survey to help him represent libraries to this constituency.  If you’re heading to CES too, look him up (twitter: @bpichman)

Here’s the link:


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