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Sticker Shock: Librarians Open Their Wallets

Sticker Shock: Librarians Open Their Wallets

OutOfPocket factoid web3 Sticker Shock: Librarians Open Their Wallets

“How many school librarians pay for school items with their own money? Almost 97 percent, according to a recent SLJ poll on out-of-pocket spending. Among 353 respondents, most (34.3 percent) spent $100–$249 in the last 12 months. The next largest group, 23 percent, expended between $250 –$499. Four respondents—1.2 percent—spent $1,500–$1,999.

Where does the money go? The top three categories were books (84.3 percent), office supplies (71.8 percent), and prizes and giveaways (65.7 percent). More than 56 percent bought arts and crafts supplies, while 23.5 percent purchased games, and 17.2 percent paid for media (audiobooks, videos, and CDs). More than eight percent bought electronic equipment, while others paid for author expenses, furniture, library decorations, bookmarks, bulletin board materials, ink cartridges, plush animals, and more.”

And today it’s probably Halloween treats!


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