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Thinking ahead: 5 ways to future-proof your company

Good lessons and advice here for libraries too.

Thinking ahead: 5 ways to future-proof your company

“1. Fixate on the problem

2. Think beyond your core product

3. Build in an open way

4. Stay plugged into the market

5. Inspire employees to innovate

Don’t focus all of your time, energy or resources on a single strategy for future-proofing. Instead, divide your energy between these three activities:

  • Listening: Fulfilling customers’ requests for certain features and improving your product
  • Connecting: Understand the market and your competitors
  • Experimenting: Looking ahead at opportunities for the products and services your customers don’t yet know they need

Balancing these three things (paying attention to your customers, keeping your pulse on the market and innovating ahead of the market) will prepare your company for tomorrow and the years ahead. As you work to do so, however, don’t lose sight of your mission to create better outcomes for your customers.”


Posted on: September 20, 2015, 6:59 am Category: Uncategorized