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Students’ Top Strategies for Avoiding Plagiarism

Students’ Top Strategies for Avoiding Plagiarism

Students: What steps do you take to ensure your work is plagiarism-free? - Cengage Learning

“Additional ideas for students, from students

Several students noted that they take different, additional steps to avoid plagiarism. We’ve summed up some of the more popular ideas that they mentioned:

1. Be confident in your own skill and originality! Remember that your assignments allow you to put your own creativity and hard work on display. As one student put it: “If you’re a boss, you don’t have to take from others.” And another: “I have the capabilities to achieve success on my own.” Being original can also build your confidence and peace of mind: “I do my own work and don’t worry about it.”

2. Take care when quoting or paraphrasing others’ ideas. One student is sure to “never write right after I’ve read source material, so there’s no subconscious plagiarism.” Another student suggests a creative step: “When re-stating an idea, close the book and then write without staring at the words.”

3. Ask for assistance. Many students noted that they ask others to review and provide feedback on their work. They specifically mentioned such people and resources as “the librarian,” “friends,” “peer review,” “the writing lab,” and “the tutoring center.”

4. Check and re-check your work. Many students refer to websites that help them cite their reference sources. One thoughtful student takes the time to “compare current essay with one of my previous ones, to clarify any questions regarding APA format.” In addition to naming specific plagiarism-checking software tools (such as, another student mentioned using “plagiarism tools provided by my professors.””


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