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How to Engage Your Classroom in College Writing With Online Tools

How to Engage Your Classroom in College Writing With Online Tools

Your students are probably not thrilled to be assigned an essay. Most students find essay writing to be very boring. They dread having to perform research, outline the essay, and come up with an argument. But that doesn’t have to be the case. Writing can be fun (or at least tolerable) if they have the right resources and encouragement. Thankfully, there are a lot of resources out there that can help your students get excited about writing. These websites will help engage your classroom and students in college writing so they will be able to enjoy the writing process.

  1. Quill Pad

Quill Pad is a fun website that gets students excited about writing their next essay. The site contains a list of resources, books, and other tools to make the process easier. There are also vocabulary words to increase your students’ vocabulary. They’ll learn new techniques to improve the quality of their writing, and they’ll be able to identify illogical or incomplete arguments.

  1. Thesis Generator

College students frequently need to create a thesis for their essays, regardless of the length or topic of the essay. But creating a thesis that’s strong enough to carry a paper can be difficult. It has to be broad enough to create a quality paper, but also specific enough to be able to completely cover in the span of a few pages. Thesis Generator helps your students create a thesis that works for the size and requirements of their paper, so they’ll have the confidence to move forward.

  1. Ask Petersen

Ask Petersen is a blog written for college students to help them become better writers and students. The blog features topics like how to properly study, how to outline an essay, and how to write a high quality thesis statement. It also suggest to read samples of essays to help students get an idea of what works when writing an academic essay, services reviews and helpful writing guides.

  1. Essay Punch

Essay Punch is an interactive website that walks students through each section of the essay writing process. They can start at thesis generation and research and move onto outlining, writing, and then editing.

  1. Grammar Gorillas

Grammar Gorillas makes learning grammar fun! Students play the game by answering grammar questions to help the gorillas find bananas. Each time they get a question correct, the gorillas get closer to the next banana.

  1. Essays Capital

Essays Capital is a custom essay writing service where students can hire professional writers and editors to assist with their projects. If your students are having a particularly difficult time coming up with an idea for their thesis or they can’t quite get the structure down, you might recommend they contact Essays Capital.

  1. Online Writing Lab

Purdue’s Online Writing Lab offers college students a breakdown of all the steps in the essay writing process. They can start at any point in the process. The site also includes a breakdown of each kind of essay (argumentative essay, comparative essay, descriptive essay, etc.). Once they finish writing their essay, they can learn how to format the paper and the citations page based on your style choice.

  1. Read-Able

Read-Able checks the readability of your students writing. It will tell them the grade level at which most people would be able to read and understand their content. They should aim for about a 6th-8th grade level.

  1. Edit My Paper can check your students’ with editing and proofreading their papers. The site can also check their content for unintentional plagiarism and rewrite those sections to make them original.

  1. Vocaboly

Vocaboly is a great tool to help your students increase their vocabularies and write stronger essays. The site lets them search for words, take quizzes, and keep track of their learning progress. For students who lack confidence when they write essays, this can be a very valuable resource.

These resources will help you get your college students engaged in the writing process. They will learn new methods for writing and expand their vocabularies. And who knows? They might even be a little happy the next time you assign them an essay (but don’t expect them to tell you if they do end up enjoying it).


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Julie Petersen is a language tutor, a content marketing specialist and a freelance editor. As the author of AskPetersen essay writing blog, she regularly writes valuable tips and guides for students. Check her latest posts about Essay Tigers and BestEssays review. Contact Julie on Linkedin.

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