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Donor Opportunity: John McKenzie House, in Willowdale, 2017 “This Place Matters” competition

Guest Post:

Perhaps you can help us by voting for this crowd-sourcing campaign and spreading the word. We need all the help we can get.

For a few decades now, the Ontario Historical Society has collaborated with a national partner, The National Trust for Canada (formerly The Heritage Canada Foundation), on many different national initiatives. I’m very pleased to inform you that our headquarters, the historic John McKenzie House, in Willowdale, has been chosen by the Trust for its 2017 “This Place Matters” competition for the category Small (under $60,000) National Projects.  As you know, the OHS stopped the demolition of the main house, milk house, stable and coach house in 1992 and has ever since been responsible for restoration and maintenance expenses. Crowd-sourcing is a new fundraising initiative for us. You can really help us by logging in and registering a vote each day (24 hour cycle) until the competition ends. I have voted every day and intend to vote each day until July 17th. Further details below.

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Sarah McCabe

Project Manager and Librarian | The Ontario Historical Society

34 Parkview Ave., Willowdale, ON  M2N 3Y2 | (416) 226-9011

[email protected]

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As you may know, the OHS is participating in a crowdfunding campaign for the John McKenzie House, organized by The National Trust for Canada. The campaign is titled This Place Matters (2017).

We have set the fundraising goal at $15,000 and have approximately a month (i.e. until mid-July) to raise this amount. Once you go through the straightforward registration process (link below), you can vote for this project once every 24 hours.


Go to and click “Vote Now” on the right side of the page.

If you have not registered, you will be asked to register and confirm your registration through e-mail; NOTE: If you don’t see the confirmation e-mail, check the junk/spam folder.

Once you are registered/verified, repeat Step 1 to log in.

If you end up on a different page after logging in, go back to the project page (the link in Step 1).

Click on “Vote Now” to cast your vote.

Visit every 24 hours to continue voting.

You can also make a financial donation and receive a charitable tax receipt. The amount you donate will also translate into votes for OHS i.e. 1 vote for every dollar donated. Of course, the more votes we have, the more likely it is that we can draw the attention of potential supporters.


Please help spread the word on Facebook and Twitter as well! Share our Facebook post and Twitter post with your family and friends.

The money will be used to continue the restoration and maintenance of the John McKenzie House. Another key objective of this project is to increase on-site accessibility to the house for all community members. We have already secured half the funding needed to complete this particular restoration project, and we need your help in raising the rest.

Please remember to vote every 24 hours. Please also circulate this link in your mailing lists and social media networks so that we can reach as many people as possible.

If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact my colleagues: e-mail Daniel Dishaw ([email protected] and/or Hassam Munir ([email protected] or phone (416) 226-9011/tollfree:1.866.955.2755

On Behalf Of The Ontario Historical Society

Subject: This Place Matters: Restoring and Rebuilding the John McKenzie House 



This Place Matters, 2017

The National Trust for Canada


Support the OHS Crowdfunding Campaign for the John McKenzie House



Help us get the ball rolling and show the rest of the country that this place matters!


GOAL: $15,000

Every dollar raised counts as a vote for the John McKenzie House Restoration Project – Every time you click “VOTE NOW” the project gains a vote. You can vote once every 24 hours. 


As many of you know, for over 25 years the Ontario Historical Society (OHS) has worked to restore, maintain, and protect this provincial heritage landmark, located in Willowdale, Ontario. Since saving the John McKenzie House from demolition in 1992, the OHS has invested over $1.18M toward its restoration.

Community members and local groups have come to rely on this stunning, three-storey Edwardian home as a place to meet, connect, and host a variety of community events.

We need your help to continue the process! A heritage restoration of the kitchen and the ground-level hardwood flooring is just one of several projects that would serve to restore the heritage character of the house, while also increasing on-site accessibility for all community members. The OHS has already secured half the funding needed for these projects and we need your help in raising the rest.


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