Like all other social networks, Instagram has been used for marketing from the very beginning. However, the biggest hit came in 2016 when it launched its feature called Instagram Stories.

Companies quickly recognized the potential it had and started using it to promote their brands and bring them closer to the online audience. Today, we take a look at several brands and how they advertise on Instagram Stories.

Indonesian online travel company created Instagram Stories to reach a younger audience and increase app downloads. This led to a 239,000 app downloads (10% growth) and 26 million of Indonesians reached.

McDonald’s Malaysia increased sales in-store by three times and reached 60% of targeted Millennials after it used playful and animated videos in its Instagram Stories.

American cosmetics brand CoverGirl achieved 5 times higher lift in message association than industry norms, 7 point lift in ad recall, and 30.1 million reaches on Instagram and Facebook after it posted video ads on Instagram Stories.

There are several different types of stories that brands put out on their Instagram accounts.

  • Product promotion – 36%

  • An inside look – 22%

  • Influencer takeover – 14%

  • Life event – 10%

  • How-to – 5%

  • Fan content – 4%

  • Contest – 2%

  • Other – 7%

The infographic below depicts which businesses use Instagram Stories and in which way. Take a look at it to find out more.