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5 Steps to Migrate Successfully to the Cloud

5 Steps to Migrate Successfully to the Cloud

“How to develop a cloud strategy, get buy-in, implement it, and continue to improve

In this article, we explain how your nonprofit can develop and implement a cloud strategy.

To craft your strategy to move to the cloud, you’ll analyze your existing and proposed technology and how it fits with the organization’s goals. Once you’ve created your cloud strategy, we’ll show you how to get buy-in from key stakeholders and create an implementation plan. Then we’ll explain how to understand what you need to go live, and then manage an iterative process to continue to improve your organization’s technology.”

  • “What are our goals?
  • How is the cloud going to improve the organization’s security, performance, and availability of technology services?
  • How is it going to reduce costs?
  • How is it going to improve our impact as an organization?
  • How can we accomplish these things with web-based services?”

Step 1: Develop a Technology Plan (Also Known as Your Cloud Strategy)

Step 2: Create an Implementation Plan

Step 3: Get Organizational Buy-In

Step 4: Create Your Go-Live Strategy

Step 5: Assess and Iterate

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