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Webinar Video Recording: “Health Information in Public Libraries Study Results”

Webinar Video Recording: “Health Information in Public Libraries Study Results”

“The video from the National Network of Libraries of Medicine embedded below was recorded on August 21, 2018.  The presentation is part Kernel of Knowledge expert-speaker webinar series. Learn more and view other video presentations.


Professor Catherine Arnott Smith, of the University of Wisconsin-Madison, will present some of the most interesting findings from two studies of public library workers and health information that she’s conducted since 2015.

The first was a national survey conducted in collaboration with researchers at the Specialized Information Services Unit of the National Library of Medicine, focused on challenges for public libraries during Affordable Care Act signups. The second study, conducted in 2018 with funding from the National Network of Libraries of Medicine, involved focus groups with library workers from all sizes of public libraries nationwide, talking about challenges and opportunities that arise around health information in the public library space.”

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