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How to decide how to decide

How to decide how to decide

Rebecca Suthern’s Wiser Decisions Faster blog:

How to decide how to decide

  1. Ask the group, “Before we choose which option to proceed with, let’s talk about what makes an option truly a great option. What needs to be true about the option in order for you to consider it a good one?”
  2. If the list of criteria is longer than about 5 items, you need to insert a process for choosing the preferred criteria.
  3. Create a matrix that is visible to all participants.
  4. Invite people to rate the options according to each criteria, by placing a checkmark in each row under the option that they feel ranks the strongest on that criterion.
  5. Tell people they have 10 “points” to spend on each criterion.
    • Before anything gets rated, ask the group whether any of the criteria should be weighted more heavily than the others from the start.
    • Whichever option has the most check marks wins.
    • Whichever option scores the highest wins.
    • Apply the multiplier to the relevant criteria
    • In the case of a tie? You have some options.
  6. There is one more step: the “gut check.”


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